Safety Checklist

  • Avoid direct contact with litter at all time  Photo of clipboard
  • Use a litter picker where possible for any glass or metal items
  • Do not litter pick when visibility is poor and only pick in daylight hours
  • Be aware of your environment.  Do not put yourself at risk whilst picking litter
  • Do not pick up items that cannot easily be identified/are clearly hazardous
  • Do not attempt to remove dead or live animals
  • Any needles or drug paraphenalia should be left alone (please contact the Local District Council)
  • In case of injury, rubbish should not be compressed using hands or feet
  • Avoid contact with the body when carrying plastic bags
  • Wear stout shoes and appropriate clothing
  • Stay clear of cliff edges, water, rocks, mud, grass banks
  • Do not overfill bin bags
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Follow local rules or guidelines as well as Clean New Forest’s
  • Ensure cuts/abrasions are clean and covered with waterproof plasters
  • Do not litter pick beside/on 40mph roads.  Keep on the verge of other roads
  • Always wear a Hi Vis vest.  Be aware of vehicle movements
  • Do not accost anyone you see littering

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