Litter Facts

1.9 billion tons of litter ends up in the ocean every year.

Unpleasant cigarette butts litter the ground

Cigarette butts are actually made of cellulose acetate which could take more than 10 years to disintegrate.  This is why cigarette butts are a serious threat to the environment. They leach toxic elements such as cadmium, lead, and arsenic into soil and waterways.  Studies have now found a range of plastics in human faeces!!


Countryfile Article – Britain’s Litter Problem

  • Litter can affect our health and local environment
  • The most common object found during litter clean-ups is fast food litter

Pacific garbage patch

Prince Charles took William and Harry litter picking when they were younger – a good example for all parents

See what Belfast City Council is doing

  • A recent report says youngsters have been found to have traces of plastic in them.  Rubbish breeds rats and cigarette butts leave nasty chemicals in the ground

Why is plastic so bad? Watch these two videos to find out. Younger people might prefer the first video.

Why do people litter and what can we do about it?  You can join the army of volunteers across our land doing something about it.

Talk about littering, instruct the next generation. 

Love where you live and do something.



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